Besides yearning to travel, I'm a very eccentric person at heart. I believe in being 100% myself, even if myself is kind of a lot. Which makes sense why my dog, Zada, is a little on the crazy side. She is currently a 4 year old golden retriever, who loves people to death, persistent and crazy as heck. But I still love her. Lastly, I work hard and an artist too my core, but everything I have physically and spiritually is because of my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. 

I'm a Photographer, located in the Jacksonville area, who most recently got bit by the travel bug, in one the most difficult time of the century. I've only been to a few places like Utah the salt Flats and little Sahara Sand Dunes, THEY WERE AMAZING 😭. Looking to go again for personal or business purposes would be a dream! That's just on the national level, globally my dream is Paris, no photography, but honestly to just go, and hopefully get proposed there! 


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Is someone who is adventurous, who puts a lot of work into making sure their wedding is beautiful but less stressful as possible. . She makes sure she can enjoy her day, by investing into vendors who are not only trustworthy but feel like friends, But at end the day, will get married to the love of their life even if the sky was falling. A Desire Bride is also a bride who loves a good time, after a long day at work or a on a trip with her girls! Lastly a Desire bride is someone who loves their man more than anything, and can't see their life without them!

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a Partner you love above all else


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